Welcome To The Official Ely UFO Crash website!

On a cold winter night in 1953 a strange glowing object unlike anything ever seen or made from this planet came crashing into a mining area outside of the small town of Ely, Nevada. What followed shortly after was nothing but extraordinary!

-An elaborate government cover-up
-The construction of a secret radar tracking station overlooking Ely
-A second crash?
-A UFO landing with dozens of witnesses

This website showcases some of my research into the Ely, Nevada UFO crash incidents along with my personal blog which focuses on both historical and modern UFO sightings in Nevada and paranormal happenings.

Latest from the Blog

The Strange Case Of Melting UFOs

As I’m writing and brainstorming for my upcoming book I thought of an interesting phenomena that was reported at one of the Ely, Nevada UFO crash sites as well as a historical alleged flying saucer crash from 1884. What would come to mind if I told you that there have been reports of flying saucers…

Flying Saucers Mining In Red Rock Canyon, Nevada?

I was going over my notes from some witness interviews I conducted in the past when I came across a peculiar sighting I thought I’d share with everyone. The interview I’m about to mention took place in 2016 with a resident of the small community of Blue Diamond, Nevada. Blue Diamond is a small village…

How Far Will The Men In Black Go To Keep UFO Witnesses Silent?

The story I’m about to tell is one that I don’t talk about very often because it deals with actual physical harm done to someone who handled the UFO wreckage from one of the Ely crash sites. I don’t get spooked very often when doing my research, but this story is a little too close…

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