1964 UFO Crash

It was about noon on a summer day in 1964 when a Nevada Northern Railway train carrying smelted copper ore near Ely came across something not of this world. The crew on the train saw that the tracks up ahead were damaged as they came around a steep bend. “The tracks were twisted like pretzels; Thrown and bent every which way you could imagine” said the brakeman. As the train literally came to a screeching halt, the crew saw what appeared to be a metallic spacecraft of some kind lying at the base of a mountain badly damaged. The object apparently had come from the sky, hit the railroad tracks, and exploded as it collided with the side of a mountain causing sometime before they got there. Witnesses stated that there was wreckage strewn about the desert along with the non-human bodies of it’s occupants.

Crash site 2020

The train crew stated that once they got off of the train to inspect the scene, there were 3 or 4 female ranchers all on horseback present who had already been at the site for an unknown amount of time prior to the trains arrival. The ranchers rode away quickly once the train arrived. The men on the train called the main railroad station in Ely, who then contacted the Ely sheriff, who then called the Armory in Ely to send out the local national guard unit.

The access road the military used to get to the crash site along with what i believe to be their staging area.

The guard arrived on the scene and sealed off the crash site from any outsiders. The men on the train were all taken away from the area and interrogated at the Ely jail. Meanwhile, just like the 1952 crash near Ruth, a top secret team of military soldiers arrived soon after to relieve the guard unit of their duties and took over the crash site. The craft was loaded onto the back of trucks via a rail crane and drove to a nearby airport where it was flown to an unknown military base.

A more detailed account of the incident can be heard during one of my interviews and it will be written in my upcoming book.

Additional photos can be viewed on the gallery page

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