1970’s UFO Landing

On a summer night in the mid-late 1970’s (there’s 2 or 3 different dates that are debated) the Robinson Copper Mine located just outside of the small rural community of Ruth, Nevada would be at the center of another strange UFO event.

Ruth, Nevada 2020

Witnesses state that one night during the night shift work was going on as usual when various electrical equipment at the mine malfunctioned and shut off on it’s own. The work crews started their equipment back-up again and continued working. A few minutes later, the equipment started shutting off again except for this time the lights in the mine shut off momentarily and then turned on again. This continued several more times and the foreman at the mine started ordering the miners to go ahead and head home for the day.

The first order to leave the premises was given by a foreman I’ll refer to as “Gee.” After Gee’s first order a large group of miners left the area and went home for the day but some of the miners still remained on the property talking after work and cleaning up their work areas. Gee then went around once again giving the command but this time he was visibly more angry and forceful in nature. Naturally, more men left the mine and went home after the second command seeing how Gee was getting angry. This continued about 4 or 5 times until almost everyone was out of the mine. What occurred next was nothing short of extraordinary.

My co-investigators Tim and Nick standing near the site of the landing in 2018

I was told, or should i say hollered at by Gee to leave and go home. The lights in the mine were shutting off and on and we just couldn’t keep them on anymore. The blackouts were happening more frequently and it was too dangerous to stay. Gee had told me if i didn’t get my ass in gear and get out of there that i would lose my job. He was shaken up and wanted all of us out of there immediately!

I got in my truck and was driving towards Ruth when I saw the UFO. It was shiny and had a purple hue to it. It came up from over the mountains and landed in the pit (a term used to describe an area of the mine). You could see that purple hue lighting up the walls of the mine in the dark.

The stretch of road the quoted witness was driving on when he saw the UFO land.

Repeat: The object didn’t crash in the mine, it landed.

Within minutes of the landing, several military helicopters appeared and started dropping off soldiers who quickly sealed off the mine. A few days later a second group of helicopters including a large crane helicopter with double-blades was seen carrying the object off in the middle of the day as they flew over downtown Ely flying south. Dozens of witnesses saw the object being carried over their heads when it was being transported by the group of helicopters. As quickly as the object appeared, it suddenly disappeared.

A more detailed account of the incident can be heard during one of my interviews and it will be written in my upcoming book.

Additional photos can be viewed on the gallery page

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