About Me

Not everything is as it appears

My name is Jeremy Meador. I’m a paranormal / UFO investigator, filmmaker, and historian dating back to 2003. I belong to a research group based out of Las Vegas, Nevada called the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal. I’m mostly known for my fieldwork involving a series of strange UFO happenings in northern Nevada starting in the early 1950’s. I’ve been featured on numerous television shows, radio programs, magazines, blogs, and other media.

I began my journey uncovering the mystery of the Ely, Nevada UFO crashes in 2008 during A radio program I was on. The subject of alleged UFO crashes was brought up as a topic and I was asked if i had any knowledge of a vague little-known incident from 1952 in Ely, Nevada. At that time the answer was a firm no. The only information listed was a date, August 12, 1952 and 16 bodies recovered. Being a longtime Nevada resident, I was adamant on finding out what exactly occurred and set off on an investigation that has taken over 13 years, multiple trips around the country, and interviews with dozens of witnesses.

I was told by UFO groups and uncountable ufologists that there was either no information available, or that the event was unverifiable due to the lack of witnesses. I found out for myself later on that there actually were lots of reliable witnesses. I got hooked on the story and it became a goal of mine to find out what really happened. During my work, I found that most, if not all of the information about the incident on the internet was flat out wrong or misleading. There are actually three separate major incidents that get confused and jumbled together (two UFO crashes and a UFO landing). To this day i’m still actively researching the cases and cataloging the events.

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