1953 UFO Crash

On a cold winter night in 1953 a strange glowing object was seen on the horizon quickly losing altitude flying in the direction of Ruth, Nevada. The object was described as being long, slender, completely silent, and glowing an eerie purple and blue by those who saw it. Witnesses watched in awe as the object disappeared in the Robinson Copper Mine (owned by the Kennecott corporation) located just outside of town. The events that were about to unfold would change the lives of many forever.

Ruth, Nevada 2019

A Kennecott security deputy (name withheld) on a routine patrol in the mine witnessed the unknown object vanish just beyond his view of the surrounding area. He quickly drove his company security truck towards the direction where he last saw the object. Once he got to high ground he could see the the object had settled on a snowbank close to the company towns of Reipetown and Kimberly (they were located on mine property near the modern Ruth, Nevada town site before being dismantled in the mid-1950’s). As he got closer to the glowing object he could see that it was some sort of craft and that he needed backup.

Mine viewed from the highway

The security deputy left the scene and drove back in a series of trips picking up “a truck bed full of miners” and an additional security deputy. Witnesses described the object as silver in color, no seams or sharp edges, and said that the craft could “only be described as a flying saucer.” The craft was fully intact and sat silently glowing on the snowbank. The higher-ups at the mine eventually called the Ely Police Department (Ely is roughly 15 miles from Ruth / Kimberly / Reipetown) who in return called the local armory in Ely and the national guard was sent out.

The national guard arrived on the scene and immediately quarantined the area. The mine was ordered to empty out and a crowd started gathering at the main entrance to the mine where a perimeter was set-up. While the crowd was being handled at the front entrance of the mine, a secret convoy of soldiers sent from Hill Air Force in Ogden, Utah entered through the rear entrance of the mine and hauled the craft out of the mine on flatbed trucks.

Ely Armory 2020

The craft would eventually be driven by armed convoy under the cover of darkness to “a dirt runway to the south” and flown back to Hill Air Force Base where it it ultimately be flown to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

A more detailed account of the incident can be heard during one of my interviews and it will be written in my upcoming book.

Additional photos can be viewed on the gallery page

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