This page has additional photos for each of the highlighted UFO crash cases with descriptions of each.

For a synopsis of each of the cases listed in the gallery, click on the UFO incidents tab.

1953 Crash

In 1953 a strange flying object crashed into a copper mine near the towns of Ruth and Ely, Nevada.

Project High Range

In the mid 1950’s construction started on a secret radar tracking station atop Kimberly Mountain overlooking Ely, Nevada to track the flight of the X-15 rocket plane as well as cruise missiles and UFO activities.

1964 Train Incident

In the summer of 1964 a Nevada Northern Railway train stumbled across a metallic flying object that crashed into the railroad tracks and exploded on a nearby hill.

1970’s UFO Landing

In the mid-late 1970’s an unknown aircraft landed in a copper mine after a series of power outages.

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