Is There An Undiscovered Secret Underground Facility Located Minutes From Las Vegas?

When you hear the words “secret government facility” and “Nevada” what usually comes to mind? Area 51 right? Wrong! What if I told you that there’s an undiscovered underground government facility within minutes of Las Vegas?

If you travel west of Las Vegas on US-160 near the community of Mountain Springs, you’ll come across a series of concrete structures blended into the desert landscape. As you get closer to the structures you start to notice that these concrete structures aren’t any ordinary buildings, they’re fortified government buildings guarding the entrance to a secret underground tunnel system!

Old Spanish Trail historical marker near Mountain Springs, Nevada

I first became aware of the underground tunnel system in the early 2000’s. I received an email from a man asking if I had any knowledge of the “Secret Blue Diamond Train Station.” I’ve lived and grown up in Las Vegas pretty much my whole life and I had never heard of any train stations near Blue Diamond, Nevada (about 20 miles from Las Vegas) at that time. His email went on to further explain that he worked for a tunneling company from 1982 – 1984 and during that time he was part of a work crew that was told to build a top secret underground train tunnel that would travel to Area 51 at very high speeds previously unknown at that time. The email ended but it wasn’t the last time I would speak to him.

I did some research and I couldn’t find anything anywhere that listed the site that the man had mentioned to me. I even went as far as to drive out to the general area looking for the facility but was unsuccessful due to how vast that area is. I reached back out to him asking for more information and this time he wrote more details and even included a few photos!

The Blue Diamond Train Station is located west of Mountain Springs. Photo Google Maps

From what I saw in the photos, the location appeared to be fairly close to the paved road because you could see US-160 off in the distance. The photos showed a guard station, a hand-full of buildings, and two buildings that resembled World War II pillboxes all made out of concrete with a small parking lot. The site appeared to be higher in elevation than most of the roads in the area because you could look down on the US-160 from the point of view that I saw. When I say up high I don’t mean scaling the cliffs high, but accessible by automobile and up higher in elevation to get a good point of view at who was approaching.

The man explained that he was told at the time of constructing the tunnel that high-speed trains were going to be traveling down the tunnels at speeds approaching 1,000 MPH. The trains would reach those speeds being propelled magnetically and floating above the tracks causing little to no friction enabling faster speeds than a traditional train would. We now know have maglev trains in parts of the world that are able to travel at several 100 MPH easily and are levitated magnetically similar to what the man said.

There would be two sets of tunnels at the Blue Diamond station (I call it the Blue Diamond station even though its closer to Mountain Springs). One tunnel would be used for outgoing trains and the other would be for incoming trains. During construction the man was told that the tunnel that they were supposed to build going to Area 51 would be joined by other tunnels zig-zagging across the country connecting various facilities. It might sound ridiculous or crazy to some, but I honestly believe that the man was telling the truth. I have some proof to back-up his claims….

June 11, 1972 LA Times article

In 1972 Robert M. Salter, a lead scientist with the Rand Corporation was interviewed by writer George Getz with the LA Times and mentioned that a high-speed train system was in the beginning stages of being built. The technology existed at that point in time he said that would enable trains to travel 10,000 MPH (maybe a little exaggerated on his part?). On August 2, 1972 Salter wrote a 17 page paper (Rand document P-4874) that wrote out the details about how to achieve the 10,000 MPH, how the magnetic levitation would work, planned routes, and the benefits to having the tunnels. A second paper was written by Salter in 1978 (P-6092) which expanded on the information given in his first report and was looked at very seriously by government officials.

According to the information I found on the Rand Corporation and Robert Salter, the technology was available in the early 1980’s to build a tunnel system underground and run a high-speed magnetic train in those tunnels. Robert Salter’s second paper (P-6092) did get lots of attention from the government, but was the idea given the green light to begin construction? My best guess is that yes it did and that the Rand Corporation along with other contractors did actually bring this idea to life. It would make sense to have a high-speed train connecting various installations and I could see why they would do it if it was feasible. I was given photo’s by an ex-tunnel worker and his story seemed to check off all of the boxes with what was reported to the media years before. I have no reason to think that the man was lying. I personally believe that the secret underground train tunnel outside of Las Vegas does exist, now I just have to venture out and to try and find it! I’ll keep everyone updated on my progress.

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