U.S. Airman Told To Fire At UFO

I found a news clipping from my local newspaper, “The Las Vegas Review Journal” and thought that I would share it with everybody….

An American fighter pilot flying from an English air base during the cold war was ordered to open fire on a huge UFO that lit up his radar. according to an account published by Britain’s National Archives on Monday.
The pilot said he was ordered to fire a full salvo of rockets at the ufo, which was moving erratically over the North Sea. But at the last minute, he said, the object picked up enormous speed and disappeared.
The account, first published in Britain’s Daily Star Newspaper more than 17 years ago and to this day unverified by military authorities, was one of many carried in the 1,500 pages the archives made available online.
The unidentified pilot said he and another airman were scrambled on the night of May 20, 1957, to intercept an unusual “bogey” on radars at RAF Manston, a Royal Air Force station at the Southeastern tip of England about 75 miles from central London.
“This was a flying object with very unusual flight patterns,” the pilot said, according to a typed manuscript of his account mailed to Britain’s Ministry of Defense by a UFO enthusiast in 1988. “In the initial briefing it was suggested to us that the bogey actually was motionless for long intervals.”
Ordered to fly at full throttle in cloudy weather, the pilot said he was given the order to fire a volley of 24 rockets at the mysterious object.
“To be quite candid I almost shit my pants!” The pilot said, adding that he asked for confirmation, which he received.
Retired U.S. airman Milton Torres told Britain’s Sky News on Monday that he was the pilot and has spent 50 frustrating years trying to uncover the truth of his midair encounter.
Speaking from his home in Miami, Torres said he never saw the UFO with his naked eye but watched in awe as it appeared on his jet’s radar and sped off before he has a chance to fire.”
“All of a sudden as it was coming in, it decided to take off and leave me behind. … The next thing I know it was gone.” Torres said. “It was some kind of space alien craft. It was so fast, it was so incredible … it was absolutely death defying.”
In the newly published government file, the U.S. airman said the UFO appeared impossible to miss.
“The blip was burning a hole in the radar with its incredible intensity,” the pilot said. “It was similar to a blip I had received from B-52s and seemed to be a magnet of light. … I had a lock-on that had the proportions of a flying aircraft carrier.”
As he closed in on the object to prepare for combat, it began to move wildly before fading off his radar. The mission was called off, and he returned to base to an odd reception.
“I had not the foggiest idea what had actually occurred nor would anyone explain anything to me,” the pilot said.
He said he was led to a man in civilian clothes who “advised me that this would be considered highly classified and that I should not discuss it with anybody, not even my commander.”
“He disappeared without so much as a goodbye and that was that, as far as I was concerned,” the pilot said.
Britain’s military said it had no record of the incident, according to the files. Neither did the U.S. military.

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