Men In Black Alive And Well

When you think of area 51 and UFO crashes what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Government cover-ups? Alien Bodies? Among the popular topics are the infamous men in black. Throughout my career as a researcher / reporter I’ve come across a small group of individuals who have actually seen and come in contact with the men in black.

My interest in the men in black was sparked back in 2008 when I was conducting some interviews for my Nevada UFO crash book. I was with my good friend Nicholas Poirier interviewing crash witnesses when we came across a gentleman who had witnessed something extraordinary. The man lived within the Ely, Nevada city limits and was witness to some kind of military blockade on the edge of town. The blockade, which was approached by the man, led into a quarantined zone that led to the recovery site of an alleged flying saucer. I knew that the man had a run-in with the military at the blockade as a teenager; local townspeople told me.

The conversation with the man went something like this:

Me: Hello (Witness Name), then I Introduced myself
Man: Hey There
Me: I was told by —— that you have some pretty amazing stories about UFO’s and flying saucers.
Man: Yes I do. Which ones did you want to talk to me about?
Me: I’m particularly looking into an incident from the 1950’s..
Before I could finish the man interrupts me and goes into hysterics.
Man: (In hysterics) I cant tell you anything. They told me not to talk about it. They’re going to find out. I cant…
Hangs up quickly…

The phone conversation was brief but did give me some interesting clues. Who were the mysterious “they?” I later found out that the man had spoken to a previous investigator about the same matter I was looking into around 3 years earlier but told a long elaborate story with lots of details. I didn’t quite understand why he would have such a quick change of mind. The answer was simple: he had been told to “shut up or else” by someone who left a lasting impression on him.

I’ve had my own run-ins with what I think were the men in black. Since my most recent book project kicked off, I’ve had multiple calls from military bases throughout the western United States and was approached in person face-to-face for the first time in September of 2014. for the purpose of this post, I’ll discuss the face-to-face encounter.

On September 11, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. I was leaving my house for a trip to the nearby grocery store. When I stepped outside the house I saw that the neighborhood was deserted and I was the only one around. I casually got into the car and put the keys into the ignition. When I began to turn the key, a white sedan whipped around the block wall on the side of the house, and blocked me in my own driveway. I was confused and wondering what was going on when I took the keys out of the ignition and stepped out of the car. When I stood up, I saw that the sedan’s license plate said “U.S. GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL USE ONLY” in white and silver lettering. There were no other markings on the car or letters on the license plate other than that.

While I was quickly examining the license plate, a man steps out of the car in a military uniform complete with medals and pins. The man said “did you find the UFO yet?” and I answered “no, not yet.” He then exclaimed “Well I heard that you were looking for them. Did you find them?” My reply was “I’m headed to the grocery store at the moment.” After a long pause he begins to get back in the car and says “Tell your friend Nick that I said hi.” and moves the car 2 or 3 houses down the road.
After I started my car up and was driving down the street to the neighborhood entrance, the man waved at me from the driver’s seat of the white sedan and was writing on some kind of paperwork.

I wasn’t really sure what to do or say at the time. The strange military official made a speedy appearance and a quick retreat before I could even ask him any kind of questions about who he was or why he was asking me about my research. I had at the time, and still do, have lots of “what if” scenarios in my mind about the incident; It didn’t just stop there either…

On my route to the store, a white SUV with the same silver and white license plate as the sedan pulled out behind me and followed me all the way until I parked in the supermarket’s parking lot. I was wondering why a top secret government agency would want to know what kind of hair products I put in my hair or which brand of pasta sauce I think tastes best. All joking aside, it was a bizarre happening that puzzles me. The only reason why I think that they would start confronting me is that I have multiple media appearances planned for the upcoming book release. I must have something in there that they don’t want me to disclose.

I interviewed a Las Vegas resident who used to work out at the Groom Lake military facility in Nevada last year who told me how the men in black’s strong arm techniques work. He told me that back in the 1990’s when he was working for the agency (he wouldn’t tell me the name of it for his own sake) he said that they would initially visit one’s residence / workplace and thoroughly interrogate or intimidate them to keep them from talking. Once the initial contact was reached, the men in black would keep making routine visits on a schedule that started out with frequent visits, but would eventually become farther spaced apart as time went on. The trips would never stop until they (the government) was satisfied that the individual was not going to talk or “more desperate measures were reached” (I asked what that phrase meant but he refused to comment). As I mentioned above, I have been contacted via phone at least 3 times that I can count before this personal visit. Perhaps the personal encounter was part of their routine check-ups they need to perform on me. The other possibility is that they could have just staged their initial contact with me as the ex-employee stated.

When you research and deal with UFO related topics, you find yourself knee-deep in mysteries and phenomena that the average person just never seems to experience for themselves. I never thought that I would join a small club of witnesses who could say that they have been contacted by the men in black. If you read my upcoming book you’ll get a never before seen look at the secret government agency and how it operates. I included multiple eyewitness stories along with my own happenings.

What do you think? Drop me a comment or email!

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