How Far Will The Men In Black Go To Keep UFO Witnesses Silent?

The story I’m about to tell is one that I don’t talk about very often because it deals with actual physical harm done to someone who handled the UFO wreckage from one of the Ely crash sites. I don’t get spooked very often when doing my research, but this story is a little too closeContinue reading “How Far Will The Men In Black Go To Keep UFO Witnesses Silent?”

Men In Black Photo Taken (See Photo Below)

(Originally posted September 23, 2015) As some of you may already know, I was visited by an individual that i think was one of the famous “men in black” last year around the time i was doing a series of large interviews talking about my UFO crash cases. I’m heading out to Ely once againContinue reading “Men In Black Photo Taken (See Photo Below)”

Men In Black Alive And Well

When you think of area 51 and UFO crashes what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Government cover-ups? Alien Bodies? Among the popular topics are the infamous men in black. Throughout my career as a researcher / reporter I’ve come across a small group of individuals who have actually seen and come in contactContinue reading “Men In Black Alive And Well”