Ely, Nevada UFO Crash – Setting The Story Straight

Greetings blog readers! I have some updates I wanted to tell everyone about myself and what I’ve been up to lately, but before I do that, I wanted to announce to everyone on here that I’m back to doing weekly media appearances on my very own YouTube show I started up recently with my brotherContinue reading “Ely, Nevada UFO Crash – Setting The Story Straight”

The Strange Case Of Melting UFOs

As I’m writing and brainstorming for my upcoming book I thought of an interesting phenomena that was reported at one of the Ely, Nevada UFO crash sites as well as a historical alleged flying saucer crash from 1884. What would come to mind if I told you that there have been reports of flying saucersContinue reading “The Strange Case Of Melting UFOs”

Flying Saucers Mining In Red Rock Canyon, Nevada?

I was going over my notes from some witness interviews I conducted in the past when I came across a peculiar sighting I thought I’d share with everyone. The interview I’m about to mention took place in 2016 with a resident of the small community of Blue Diamond, Nevada. Blue Diamond is a small villageContinue reading “Flying Saucers Mining In Red Rock Canyon, Nevada?”

The Secret UFO Incident Covered Up By The Military Near Las Vegas In 2016

As many of my blog readers may know, I try to focus the majority of my research specifically in the state of Nevada. I frequently receive emails from various sources telling me about mysterious sightings and other phenomena from around the Silver State. One of these emails is the topic of this week’s blog postContinue reading “The Secret UFO Incident Covered Up By The Military Near Las Vegas In 2016”

Men In Black Alive And Well

When you think of area 51 and UFO crashes what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Government cover-ups? Alien Bodies? Among the popular topics are the infamous men in black. Throughout my career as a researcher / reporter I’ve come across a small group of individuals who have actually seen and come in contactContinue reading “Men In Black Alive And Well”