Ely, Nevada UFO Crash – Setting The Story Straight

Greetings blog readers! I have some updates I wanted to tell everyone about myself and what I’ve been up to lately, but before I do that, I wanted to announce to everyone on here that I’m back to doing weekly media appearances on my very own YouTube show I started up recently with my brother and our friend called “Bigfoots Pad Live!” As some of you know, I was part of a very successful podcast awhile back, but we never made the jump from audio-only to video until now. The show will cover topics ranging from paranormal happenings, ufology, mysteries, and more. I will do my best to update everyone on here when we are about to cover a topic relating to UFOs.

We decided to start-up our weekly Bigfoots Pad LIVE! show with a bang! Episode 1 has me talking in great depth about the Ely, Nevada UFO crashes and has lots of previously unreleased material presented. I didn’t get to cover certain topics and arguments that I wanted to due to time restraints, but I will cover some of those in an upcoming blog post. I want to write a little bit about my thought process on why I wanted to do a long video about the Ely cases besides the fact that I think that the story is important and needs to be told.

In the past I’ve made appearances on so many podcasts / YouTube shows that I’ve lost count years ago. I appeared on several podcasts lately where I was the guest and I was asked to talk about the Ely, Nevada UFO events. On some of the shows I was censored in what I could talk about, played off to be a whack-o making up stories, or my version of the story was highly picked apart. I came to a realization that there were previously no videos made by myself where I present the information the way that I wanted to present it without being interrupted constantly or having to defend myself. Whether you are a firm believer that these events happened like I do, or you’re skeptical, I would like everyone to at least hear my story with some of the evidence before making an opinion. Many times when I appear on various shows the host of the show controls the interview and it damages or takes away from the storytelling portion of my appearance. I ‘m very happy with how the video turned out and I would like all of my blog readers to check it out. As I mentioned before, there are a few topics and some evidence that I didn’t get a chance to cover and I will be making another post and some more videos about those soon.

Without rambling on too much, here’s what I’ve been up to lately and some news…

I’m planning on writing more on the Nevada UFO blog and continuing to research UFO events. I welcomed a new baby to my family last March and I have been very busy being a new father. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to write on the blog or my website as much as I would have liked to the last year or so. There is a new UFO crash case that I’m involved in with my friend Nick (he appears in the video on this post) I’m excited to share with everyone! Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, please check out Ely, Nevada UFO Crash – Setting The Story Straight!

If you are wanting to check out the new show, you can find it here.

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