The Strange Case Of Melting UFOs

As I’m writing and brainstorming for my upcoming book I thought of an interesting phenomena that was reported at one of the Ely, Nevada UFO crash sites as well as a historical alleged flying saucer crash from 1884. What would come to mind if I told you that there have been reports of flying saucersContinue reading “The Strange Case Of Melting UFOs”

Flying Saucers Mining In Red Rock Canyon, Nevada?

I was going over my notes from some witness interviews I conducted in the past when I came across a peculiar sighting I thought I’d share with everyone. The interview I’m about to mention took place in 2016 with a resident of the small community of Blue Diamond, Nevada. Blue Diamond is a small villageContinue reading “Flying Saucers Mining In Red Rock Canyon, Nevada?”

Did A Flying Saucer Land Outside Of Las Vegas In 1998?

I was featured as the guest on Andrew Hall’s interactive show “Dead Hand” on April 27, 2021 and I was asked about a UFO encounter that I personally experienced back when I was a child that I’ve been thinking about and I thought I would share this with you all. The incident is amongst oneContinue reading “Did A Flying Saucer Land Outside Of Las Vegas In 1998?”