Flying Saucers Mining In Red Rock Canyon, Nevada?

I was going over my notes from some witness interviews I conducted in the past when I came across a peculiar sighting I thought I’d share with everyone. The interview I’m about to mention took place in 2016 with a resident of the small community of Blue Diamond, Nevada. Blue Diamond is a small village located along State Route 159 in the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area outside of Las Vegas.

Blue Diamond: A Different Las Vegas
Blue Diamond – Las Vegas Sign in Red Rock Canyon

One morning I was speaking to a friend of mine about UFO activities in Blue Diamond when he referred me to an acquaintance of his, the witness. I was told that he had an extraordinary sighting back in the 1970’s before Red Rock Canyon became as crowded as it is today and Las Vegas began encroaching on the area. I was wondering what I was about to hear since I knew the witness at that time and he had never mentioned anything to me about that sort of thing. We sat down together later that day and he told me what he had seen.

Before I begin to describe the sighting, I first wanted to talk a little about the individual that I was interviewing. The individual is a long-time resident of the village who has a background in education and has held many high-level jobs from Las Vegas. He’s a staple in the community and is known as a no-nonsense kind of guy. He is known around the village for many things, but UFO’s aren’t one of them.

Mount Wilson
Mount Wilson

The man was at home on a summer night (around 1:00 or 2:00 A.M.) in 1972 when he saw a strange light off in the distance. The witness woke up his wife and went outside to see what was going on. When the couple was outside they saw what he described as a floating ball of light that was shining a beam of light onto the ground and nearby mountains. The ball of light was slowly moving from Mount Wilson towards the Spring Mountain Ranch area. The light would rise high in the sky towards the peak of the mountain, and then drop down towards the desert below while emitting a smaller light for an unknown reason. The witness thought that the ball of light looked like it was surveying or mapping the mountain. The man paused at that point and told me “don’t think I’m crazy but…” which meant that the even more extraordinary part of the story was going to begin.

After about an hour of watching the light rise and fall in the canyon, the ball of light appeared to have landed on a ledge or hovered near the side of the mountain. The witness said that he then heard what he described as the sound of a motor running and a conveyor belt apparatus appeared to have came out of the side of the light. It looked like the object was mining / collecting a sample from the side of the mountain. Shortly after the sample was collected, the ball of light “burned out” and disappeared.

Red Rock Canyon – Where Eagles Fly®
Red Rock Canyon sighting area map

The witness swears that the object was being controlled by someone or something intelligent and that he had never seen anything like it since. He asked me if I had ever heard of a similar sighting in the area and I still haven’t. I know of some extraordinary sightings beyond distant lights in the sky that are normally reported, but nothing like this.

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