How Far Will The Men In Black Go To Keep UFO Witnesses Silent?

The story I’m about to tell is one that I don’t talk about very often because it deals with actual physical harm done to someone who handled the UFO wreckage from one of the Ely crash sites. I don’t get spooked very often when doing my research, but this story is a little too close for comfort.

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I was a guest on a local FM radio show here in Las Vegas several times in the past. The first time I was on the show the co-host (who I will call B) mentioned to me that she knew all about the crash I was inquiring about because her father worked at Area 51 in the past and handled the wreckage! (Wow!) She stated that she would arrange a phone call between me and her father in the upcoming weeks. I prepared for the phone call like I always do and patiently waited for a call that never came. I eventually was back on her radio show a few months later as a guest to do a follow-up interview discussing my newest findings when I was approached by her in private afterwards. What she was about to tell me was shocking.

B stated that a few weeks prior to my arrival to do the follow-up interview she received a call from her father (he lived in Louisiana) who was frantic, and clearly distressed. He was yelling that he was being held at a hospital in Baton Rouge against his will by men who were threatening to kill him and that he needed her to get there as soon as possible. B finished her day at work and booked a flight for Baton Rouge later that day thinking that her father was having some kind of dementia episode.

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B told me that her father was in good health and that he had all of his wits in his old age. His behavior during their phone call was very odd and out of character for him. When B arrived at the hospital and went to her father’s room he had “just passed away earlier in the afternoon” the hospital staff claimed. B was demanding answers and the hospital staff claimed that they didn’t have any. They wouldn’t tell her when he passed away, from what, and everything about the situation was suspicious. According to what I was told, B arranged for an autopsy of the body later on, and they found a very high amount of metals in his blood. All signs pointed to some kind of poisoning.

I understand that people pass away all the time from various causes, but this struck me as very strange. B said that she believes that her father was apprehended by the men in black and killed because of what he was about to tell me. I have no way of proving or disproving this. As I stated before, B’s father was in great health and would travel back and fourth to Las Vegas frequently for visits. This wasn’t a case of an old, crippled, senile old man dying of natural causes. Do I think this really happened? I do. Why did it happen? I believe someone didn’t want him to talk to me about UFOs. He must have been on some kind of watch list and somebody gave an order to shut him up. You don’t hear these types of stories very often but they aren’t unheard of.

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In closing, I do think that the government keeps tracks of some individuals that have first-hand knowledge of UFO crash cases. The man who was allegedly murdered by the men in black was employed at Area 51 in the past and had first-hand knowledge of UFOs and how they operate. He wasn’t an actual witness to the Ely UFO crash, but he did handle the debris. My question is, what exactly did he know that made them want to silence him? What was he about to tell me?

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