The Secret UFO Incident Covered Up By The Military Near Las Vegas In 2016

As many of my blog readers may know, I try to focus the majority of my research specifically in the state of Nevada. I frequently receive emails from various sources telling me about mysterious sightings and other phenomena from around the Silver State. One of these emails is the topic of this week’s blog post and it definitely is a doozy!

Frenchman Mountain
Mountains around Las Vegas, Nevada. Crash occurred near the above mountains.
Photo from

On May 4, 2021 I made a post on here regarding a possible flying saucer on the ground that I saw as a small child in 1998. I received lots of positive emails asking for more information along with similar things other individuals have witnessed. One of the emails that stuck out to me replying to my post was from a man who was telling me about a personal sighting that his wife had back in 2016 on the outskirts of Las Vegas. I understand that the original email I received was from the witnesses’ husband and not the woman herself (that is a topic we’ll get into another time), but for now I’ll write about the account.

The man stated that within the last four years (he later pinpointed April of 2016 in a later conversation) his wife was on her way home driving on East Lake Mead Boulevard near Frenchman Mountain when suddenly she saw that something strange was going on up ahead. The road was blocked by a semi-trailer truck turned sideways blocking both east and westbound lanes preventing travel. She saw that there was no traffic coming from the other direction as if there were some sort of additional roadblock was preventing traffic from traveling in the other direction further down the road.

All lanes of Dixie Highway are currently blocked by a semi-tractor trailer near Willard Road.  (Photo Credit: Andrew Fergerson - NBC25/FOX66 News)
A truck turned sideways blocking a road on the Dixie Highway. Photo from

As the woman stopped her car where the truck was blocking the road, she could see that there was at least one tactical-looking vehicle (other witnesses reported more) within eyesight parked on the other side of the truck with what she thought were soldiers walking away as if they had just stepped out of the vehicle. They were walking in the direction of the nearby mountains carrying loads of gear.

The man stated that his wife immediately posted her experience to social media and the post was later taken down by the website for unknown reasons. Multiple other posts from his wife’s friends were also taken down off of their social media accounts within minutes he said including photos of the truck blocking the road and the mysterious soldiers.

I found this very intriguing! The only reasons why posts would almost immediately be screened and taken down from a social media website usually violate the terms of use that one agrees to when making a new account. The reasons you most often read about involve safety issues, hacking, criminal behavior, etc. Would posting about a sensitive national security issue like a crashed flying saucer or military vehicle fit the bill? In my opinion… certainly!

Nellis AFB
Nellis Air Force Base Sign

One reason I haven’t posted a blog post in the last few weeks was because I was trying to look into this event a little more and have been occupied with that. I managed to find two witnesses who did actually back-up the claims of the man who originally contacted me. Both witnesses told me that they saw a bright light traveling at a very high-speed fly above them and come crashing into the mountains near Nellis Air Force Base. Was this mysterious light that crashed into the mountain possibly something man-made and not a flying saucer? Its very possible. For the time being, I’m going to refer to this object as a UFO and not a flying saucer.

I’m still in the beginning stages of investigating this incident, I’ll make more posts about this as developments occur.

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