Searching For The Sand Yeti In Nevada

  • -June 2003 a family out on a weekend boating trip spots what they call a bigfoot-like creature wading through a shallow bay in Lake Mead one evening.
  • -In March of 2008 a hairy “thing” standing on two legs is witnessed by motorists crossing Route 159 near the quiet desert community of Blue Diamond, Nevada. The creature is described as being around 6 foot tall and moving quick like an animal but resembling a man.
  • -In January of 2011 a hiker spots a hairy bipedal creature moving through a gulley near Arroyo Road on the outskirts of Blue Diamond, Nevada.
  • -October 2018 a forest ranger in Lee Canyon witnesses what he referred to as a wild on it’s hands and knees eating roadkill late one night before running away into the nearby woods.

The sightings mentioned above are only a handful of what my paranormal group and I have collected over the years of a creature known as the Nevada sand yeti. The creature is a very adaptive, very agile, and very real.

Blue Diamond, Nevada, United States of America
Route 159 where alleged sand yeti encounters have been reported.

My investigation into the mystery of the sand yeti began around 2005. I had been contacted by an individual who lived out in Blue Diamond, Nevada and was frequently being visited by a creature that he described as a sasquatch. The home owner sent an email saying that the creature(s) would come onto his property looking in his windows and searching for food around the home. He said that the creature was often seen tearing up plants around his home and eating bird seed he had in his bird feeders. On one instance he said that he thought the creature was trying to get inside his house. It scared him so badly that he bought a firearm and kept it loaded incase this “thing” managed to come inside his home.

The name sand yeti goes back to 2003 when locals in Boulder City, Nevada were seeing similar creatures down by the Colorado River and Lake Mead. One specific sighting was reported to a radio station and the family said that they saw what they thought was a yeti, but it was seen walking near the river in a desert area. Originally, the creature was said to have been drinking water from the river when it was startled by the families’ boat. The creature was reported to have been 6 1/2 feet tall, covered in long brown hair, and moving quickly. The radio DJ termed the phrase “sand yeti” and the creature has been referred to as such since.

r/Cryptozoology - 1980 News Report of a Bigfoot spotted at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site
An early sand yeti report from January 1980

One of the earliest Sand Yeti reports that I know of comes from 1980 when a worker out at the Nevada Test Site saw a hairy man-like creature walking along a deserted road. The creature was described as “somewhere between 6 and 7 foot tall, standing erect and walking like a man, with dark hair completely covering its body.” The worker stopped his truck and watched as the creature crossed the road and retreated into the desert.

Spring Mountains, Nevada. Photo from

The sand yeti’s habitat is primarily forested areas with lots of tree coverage. There are sightings of the creature in desert areas with minimal tree coverage, but in my opinion these sightings are of the creature traveling from one forested area to another (like the one reported at the Nevada Test Site). The Spring Mountains outside of Las Vegas, Nevada are one of the more popular locations that witnesses report the creature. Most individuals who travel to the Spring Mountains visit Kyle Canyon and Mount Charleston. The majority of the sand yeti sightings in the region occur at night time or dusk on route 157 / 158.

One of the more interesting sightings was collected by my brother Tim. Witnesses reported seeing a creature near Harris Springs Road in Kyle Canyon. The creature harassed a group of hikers late at night while they were traversing the area near some caves. The creature was said to have thrown rocks and followed the group for quite a long ways in a threatening manner. The reporting party mentioned that the creature stopped following them once they reached an open area near the road.

In March of 2020, I spent a month filming and documenting the creature with my brother and our friend Nick in the Spring Mountains and found some evidence that really is remarkable. We found footprints, eyewitness reports, and we even filmed thermal footage of the creature late at night in a snow storm. We are currently in the post-production phase of a documentary on our findings. Before I ramble on and on about the sand yeti, I’d like to post a quick trailer that we made showing some of the habitat of the creature and what we found. The documentary is due to come out this summer.

I’ll post more follow-up posts as the date come nearer.

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