Debunking The Armchair Investigators

So I was surfing the internet and I came across MUFON case #95617 from 2018. The submitting party, an individual from Battle Mountain, Nevada claims that they “solved the mystery of the 1952 Ely, UFO crash.” Their claims are 100% based on speculation with zero field research or eyewitness testimony. As an investigator that has done actual field research for the past 13 years at the time of this post’s writing, I find their claims ludicrous. For the purpose of this post, I’m going to briefly dissect MUFON case #95617 (submitted by the general public) and tell you why this individual’s armchair research is baseless and false.

Triangle in the desert MUFON case #95617

Before I state my opinion, let me post the submission as it appears on the MUFON website. Any incorrect spelling or incorrect grammar is done by the submitting party and left that way by me so my readers can see how it originally appeared. I added their photos throughout this post as well.

I believed it to be cattle ranch but on further looks believed it may be tourist fake. After realizing after a month of research it can’t be, I became scared. The only American I reached was Kristen Desilva ( He probably refers to Desilva who works as a content producer at Fox5-Vegas). She then suggested George Knapp. He never responded and next day Desilva had blocked me.

The object shows water drainage proving it is proud of the landscape. Water drains around it and across it. Soil looks to have come from lakebed. Explaining lack of vegetation due to salt content. Three phase power line to site is way too much power for a mini ranch not to mention expensive to install. Object is visible in the very first Google map from us geological survey sight proving it existed pre satellite maps.

What appear to be two large HVAC units sit on a building. Far too much air handling for a small building. There is even a perfect circular puddle visible on top. A perfect circular depression should not be there.

Everything points to being the crash site of the ELY sighting.

I think my communications are being blocked. My belief is Area 51 is far away as a slight of hand to prevent expanded searching. The lack of security here is to serve as to not draw attention, or maybe this is just a weird large equilateral triangle in sand, but it has no fence around it and who builds a triangular 1069 meter triangle, before it could be seen from above!

All attempts to pass this on have failed.

Coordinates Triangle: 40°20’41″N 117°20’48″W

Ranch in the middle of the desert

Lets start with the location. A ranch in the middle of the desert? Where does this come into play? Eyewitnesses stated that the object crashed into a snowbank located near a large copper mine in northern Nevada. Witnesses in the towns of Ruth, Ely, and nearby Ward Mountain clearly saw the object at various points throughout the night both in the air and on the ground. I haven’t heard any witness that I’ve interviewed over the last 13 years mention a small ranch on a flat piece of land in the desert 250 km (150 miles) from Ely play any role in the incident. If that were true, it wouldn’t even be called the Ely, Nevada UFO crash… it may as well be called the Battle Mountain UFO crash since that’s the closest town to the coordinates the submitting party is referring to.

The individual refers to a giant triangle throughout their submission. This triangle that the party mentions is estimated to be 1069 meters which equals 3,500 square feet. Let me say this again so that it sinks in… 3,500 square feet! That’s huge! Eyewitnesses that handled the actual object said that it was able to fit on the back of a single military truck which then transported it to an Air Force bomber. Unless the air force bomber and the truck were the size of a small city, the probability of the Battle Mountain triangle being the same object that was described to me is very unlikely.

Giant triangle in the desert

The giant triangle in the desert appears to have multiple dirt roads leading around it. This means that this triangle is visited fairly often and it’s more than likely part of the ranch located near the bottom part of the triangle. I don’t think that there is anything about that triangle that says UFO crash site to me personally. Its unusual for sure, but without visiting the area in person, there’s not really a whole lot to say about it. Its strange to me that the individual that submitted the report claims to be living in Battle Mountain, Nevada and the giant triangle that they’re so interested in is close to where they live but yet they haven’t made any attempts to go drive out there. It makes one wonder how serious they really are about figuring out the answers to their questions or if they live in Battle Mountain at all.

The reporting party said that they were scared in their narrative. What were they afraid of? Did they have military police showing up at their house? Did they have multiple military bases calling their phones for years? I actually did have that happen to me and i have evidence to prove it. They’re afraid because they found a strange triangle shape in the desert on the internet? That makes zero sense.

Before I make this post go on and on, I’d like to point out that I make myself very available online. I’ve been doing interviews about the 1952 Ely UFO crash since 2008. I’ve spoken on numerous radio shows, television programs, and other media and it’s easy to trace. My original website has been online for many years and if you search Ely UFO or Ely UFO crash my name appears on almost every result. This person made their claims in 2018, which is 10 years after I started lecturing about the event. Did the individual ignore all of my research? It’s hard for me to think that they haven’t heard about me if they are researching the 1952 crash incident.

The MUFON report claims that all serious UFO investigators haven’t responded to their emails. Why would they? Like i said before, they haven’t been to the site, they have zero evidence to back up their claims, and they are basing everything off of what? A photo on the internet? The only thing that the reporting party has shown is that they are good at scanning the desert on the internet looking for odd shapes. Serious researchers need something to work with to be able to carry on with an investigation.

Another aerial view of the triangle in the desert

What we have here are baseless claims made by an individual who did zero research in the field that has no idea what they’re talking about. The location that was mentioned is 150 miles away from Ely and the alleged impact area is far too large for most serious researchers to take this individual serious without any evidence. Nothing from MUFON case #95617 resembles what really occurred in the 1952 UFO crash near Ely, Nevada. With that being said, I rest my case.

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